International Development on Twitter, Part II – Five more people to follow

Joseph Kimojino @maratriangle

Why you should follow: Fascinating first-hand account of wildlife protection in the Mara Triangle, complete with catching poachers, making tourists behave, and helping wounded animals.

Sample Tweet: Three poachers arrested two nights ago and poaching activity seen in Mingu area. 14 snares collected this morning.

Appropedia @appropedia

Why you should follow: A constant stream of interesting information on useful technology.

Sample Tweet: A miracle substance that’s cheap & could add 1 billion points to the global I.Q.: iodised salt.

Usha Venkatachallam @nadodi

Why you should follow: Great posts on information technology and the developing world.

Sample Tweet: mix a nerd & humanitarian news. result = AidNews, AidBlogs, and a how-to blog post.

Gaurav Mishra @gauravonomics

Why you should follow: Links and thinking on social media and ICT for development.

Sample Tweet: Preparing for a talk tomorrow on the role of citizen journalism in crisis reporting for my fellow associates at

Jon Camfield

Why you should follow: Interesting information technology information, and great coverage of One Laptop Per Child.

Sample Tweet: TCO for low-cost computing in Education: The video archive of last Thursday’s discuss.

As always, let me know who I forgot in the comments.

(photo credit: Steve Woolf)
Chosen because it was either this or the fail whale.