Frequently Asked Questions, Part Two

FAQ #5: Why do you call yourself an aid worker? I wrote about that here: FAQ #6: Can I reprint your blog post / link to your blog / cite you in my paper? Yes, absolutely. This blog is open license. Feel free to reprint entire blog posts anywhere you like. Just please provide… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Will you blog about/fundraise for my project/NGO/social enterprise? Almost definitely not. I don’t feel comfortable writing about any project I haven’t studied in depth, and I just don’t have time to research everything I get email about. I might tweet a link and let my twitter followers decide for themselves, but that’s really… Read More »

Boring Administrative Notice

Hi, I feel kind of awkward about this. But I’ve been getting a several emails a day asking for career advice. I really like helping, but I do have a day job and it pays by the hour so spending time on this costs me money. And I can’t make them all into blog posts… Read More »

Welcome metafilter visitors

Hello to everyone coming in from metafilter. For the record, I don’t consider myself to be an iconoclast. I am fairly certain that my ideas are 1) very ordinary and 2) shared by most people who work in international development. I’m just the person who’s willing to take the time to blog about it. And… Read More »

A disclaimer of sorts

This blog – and my writing in general – is starting to get more public attention, so I think it’s a good time to remind everyone of something. I’m not special. This is not false modesty or some self-esteem issue. It’s a fact, and it’s a fact that makes me happy. I like working with… Read More »

A semi-definitive guide

This post is now obsolete. I get so many career questions, I have moved it all over to the International Development Careers List and my paid consulting. American culture is such that I don’t even really like writing this post. But I am starting to get deluged with requests for assistance, and I just don’t… Read More »

Away with you!

Hi everyone. I have not actually migrated my blog over here yet – it’s still at Check over there for updates since August 18. Feel free to keep an eye on this page, though, because sometime soon it will be my brand new blog home. Alanna