Career Advice

It’s May 2016, and I am updating this post. I am now offering coaching and consulting over at

To summarize it briefly, Coaching is a partnership between coach and client, intended to help the client find their own clarity. Coaches listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and support clients in finding their own truths. Topics that often come up in coaching include finding happiness, navigating career changes, and work-life balance, but coaching can be useful for any topic that a client would like to examine in more detail. Career consulting is different. Consulting isn’t about helping people find their own truth – it’s about sharing what I have learned, and helping people figure out their international development careers. I’ve been working in international development for a long time. As a donor and an implementer. For NGOs and private companies and as a freelance consultant. I’ve lived in seven different countries – right now I am in Egypt. I’ve figured some stuff out, and now I can help other people get their careers started or unstuck.

For rates, click here, and you can schedule a consulting session directly into my online calendar.

As always, if you need coaching or consulting and you can’t afford it, drop me an email – – and we can talk about barter, sliding scale work, or fitting you into my pro bono hours. I don’t want anyone to be excluded.