Career Advice

Are you interested in a career in International Development? I can help. Here’s how:

1) Join the International Development Careers List. It’s an email newsletter that publishes at least once week; generally more often than that. In the newsletter I answer reader questions, discuss career topics, and send out job vacancies that people pass to me. (Truth in advertising: the list is heavy on Q&A and light on vacancies right now, but that may change at any time.) It’s only $3 a month, which I feel comfortable saying is a great deal.

2) Check out the IDCL store. You can buy the ebook with the first fifty newsletters, or my ten-day guide to recharging your job search. You can also subscribe to the newsletter in 3 or 6 month increments, if you don’t want to pay month-by-month.

3) Contact me for personal guidance. I can do resume reviews, rewrites, phone consultations, and various other things. Prices vary based on how much time you’ll need from me, so email me at to talk about cost.

One final note: if you want career advice, and genuinely can’t afford it, email me anyway. We’ll work something out!