Frequently Asked Questions, Part Two

FAQ #5: Why do you call yourself an aid worker?

I wrote about that here:

FAQ #6: Can I reprint your blog post / link to your blog / cite you in my paper?

Yes, absolutely. This blog is open license. Feel free to reprint entire blog posts anywhere you like. Just please provide a link to the original post, my full name, and the photo credit if you use the picture. (I get most of my pictures from Flickr and I want the original photographers to get credit.)

Link to the blog any time you want. And cite me in your papers if you wish. One note about citations – unless your paper is about social media, using blogs as sources is unlikely to impress your professors, so proceed with caution. Definitely don’t talk about blogs you’ve read in your graduate school personal statement – it will make them think you are an intellectual lightweight.

FAQ #7: How can I get a job in international development? Will you help me?

You can find basic advice in this post.

You can also join the international development careers list.

Finally, check out the great advice at

FAQ #8: How do you pronounce Shaikh?

Shake. My dad Americanized it and we’ve stuck with that. He always used to say “like a milkshake!”

FAQ #9: Can I guest post on your blog? 

No, I don’t use guest posts.

FAQ #10: Can you guest post on my blog?

Probably not. I can barely keep up with the writing I do now. Taking on new projects is really hard. Please go ahead and ask, though. If I can, I will.

…and that’s all of them! Leave a comment if I missed something you want to know.