Relaunching the International Development Careers List

A few years back, I wrote a newsletter and I loved it. It was dedicated entirely to helping people find and keep jobs in the international development sector. It was priced affordably so I knew that no one would be shut out for cost, and I updated it weekly. Sometimes more. I stopped running it when I got a job with USAID, because I didn’t think a government employee should be doing that.

But I’m not a government employee any more. I’ve been a coach and consultant for years. So, we’re back, via Patreon. If you sign up to be a patron, you get access to the careers list. Simple as that. There is some other stuff at the higher tiers that people may or may not actually want. But the simplest $3/month subscription gets you the whole newsletter. Updated weekly, sometimes more. Submit your questions through the Patreon comments, and I’ll answer in the order they come in.

I’m very excited about this. Come join me!