Book Giveaway #1 – Dani Rodrik

I’ll be doing some book giveaways over the next few months, featuring books on various international development topics. Just comment and I’ll enter you into the drawing. I’ll use to generate a number and pick the winner.

I’m kicking it off with a short book by Dani Rodrik, a hero of mine and an international economist, Harvard professor, and superhero. (It’s possible I made up the superhero part.) He’s also an excellent writer with a gift for making difficult topics understandable.

I’ll be giving away “Has Globalization Gone Too Far?” published by the Institute of International Economics. Leave a comment below to enter the drawing. I’ll ship anywhere in the US and Canada, but we’ll have to talk if you’re on another continent.

ETA: It occurs to me I should have a closing date for this – I will close the comments on Friday the 18th and pick a winner then.