What’s Killing Us


People ask me – a lot – how to start learning about global health. I never have a good answer. Usually I send them to Karen Grepin’s blog and suggest they take a look at the various textbooks on Amazon. It’s not a satisfactory answer. Karen Grepin is fantastic, but a blog’s a very different format from a book. And a textbook is no one’s idea of a good time.

Just about twelve months ago, I got an email announcing the new TEDbooks series – short, opinionated ebooks meant to be read in a single sitting. I messaged the TED folks immediately, offering to write the book I’ve been wishing existed. They took me up on it, and I’ve spent the last year writing, re-writing, and picking out some fabulous pictures from Glenna Gordon.

It came out this week. “What’s Killing US,” is a brief guide to major global health issues. It is meant to be both an overview and a starting point. If you’ve been thinking you should probably know more about global health, I wrote this book for you. The book is part of the TEDbooks ebooks imprint, and it’s available for Kindle, Nook, and the iPad. You can find the links to buy it here.

As you might expect, I am very, very excited about this. To celebrate, I want to give away a few copies of the ebook. (It’s only $2.99 – I can afford it.) Leave a comment with a suggestion for how I can promote the book, or a link to your tweet about it – and I’ll enter you into the contest. I’ll pick one comment out of every ten that I get as a winner.