What to buy for your aidworker: the Blood & Milk holiday gift guide

I realize most of you reading this are aid workers of one sort or another, and therefore already know what you want as gifts. But maybe your family and friends could use a little help. Now you can just send them this link and avoid the awkwardness of actual communication…

Light their way to the bathroom.

Make skype calls better

Protect their files

Save their ears (I saved up the money I earned from IDCL to buy these and I love them so much.)

Make travel better. (I own this, too. It seems like a ridiculous gimmick, but it’s a lifesaver on small planes.)

Protect their skin – zinc sunscreens are nice for heavy travel because you don’t have to stress out about leaving chemicals on your body if you don’t have time to wash them off. And zinc protects your skin from more then just the sun. (Many diaper lotions use zinc.)

Keep life tasty

Nothing clever to say about a luggage scale, it’s just really useful to have

Keep their suitcase dry

Okay, now I need reader input. What’s the most useful gift you’ve ever received?