Blog Round-up

Real life has interfered with my ability to write long pieces, so I’ll post some interesting links:

The Global Integrity Commons links to a depressing account of Nigerian lawmakers gaming the system to conceal gains from corruption.

Kevin points out that invading Burma won’t help anybody access aid. I didn’t even realize people were calling for invasion.

The Overseas Development Institute explains the five things we have to do to address the food crisis.

Sunday night blog round-up

The Thirsty Palmetto is pondering why she chose the life she did. A very candid look at what motivates aid workers – beyond idealism.

There is a whole bunch of fascinating new content up at Tworque. I particularly liked the post on TechShop.

Kevin has a bitter point about what’s happening to the developing world’s money.

And Chris Blattman is thinking about Peace Corps. (Aside: note the many lame and self-aggrandizing comments on the blog post.)

Friday night blog round-up

Technology and social enterprise is reviewing the Playpump, a merry-go-round that harnesses childrens’ play to pump water from village wells.

Peter Casier is wondering if anything has gotten better in Sudan.

Shanta Devarajan has a post up about export controls on food as a response to the food price increases. Even while fearing a world food crisis, I am amused that India specifically delineates non-basmati rice.

Lastly, Chris Blattman’s got some great charts about economic recovery.

Blog round-up

Ethan Zuckerman is talking about Carl Bernstein and the “The best obtainable version of the truth.”

Kevin’s got some links to the international food aid conference coming up.

Leo Africanus would like to point out that the Masai do not belong in zoos.

And Naamen Gobert Tilahum posted about some Hanes underwear ads that are just so breathtakingly mean that I can’t even find words for them.

Monday blog round-up

Jeff Trexler is talking about design dilution, intellectual property rights, and dancing condoms.

Ethan Zuckerman is worrying about the Zimbabwe elections and the future of journalism.

The Discomfort Zone has some great stuff up about Kosovo, Cuba, and India.

Finally, Dave Hunsicker is writing about secular fundamentalism in Turkey.