Blog Round-up

Real life has interfered with my ability to write long pieces, so I’ll post some interesting links: The Global Integrity Commons links to a depressing account of Nigerian lawmakers gaming … more Blood & Milk…

Friday night blog round-up

Technology and social enterprise is reviewing the Playpump, a merry-go-round that harnesses childrens’ play to pump water from village wells. Peter Casier is wondering if anything has gotten better in … more Blood & Milk…

Food prices in Haiti

Impact of rising food prices on Haiti, here. This just keeps getting scarier.

Global food prices, this time in detail

Registan, one of my favorite blogs, has a nice post up on what the rising cost of food will mean in practice. Lesson: We’re still all connected.

Food is getting expensive, and that’s dangerous

THAILAND: Rising rice prices fuel fears of food shortages and starvation. I think just about everyone is worried about rising food costs, all over the world. Lesson: We’re all connected.