Career Question: What do I study in undergrad?

Dear Alanna: I would really like to go to University next year but am still unable to decide what to study.  All i know is that i am interested in social problems such as poverty, poor education and inequality to name a few.  I am not sure what degree would suit me or give me… Read More »

Field Notes from the Development Industry 2/28/2013

1) A reader wrote in to ask for advice on an NGO that packages and sends rice and beans to “starving people.” I though my answer might be useful for others: It’s a lot better for the local economy to procure the food there. The reason hungry people need food is not because it isn’t… Read More »

Field notes from the development industry: 12/12/12

1. An awful lot of people in the aid system are bad at many parts of their jobs. The skills that get you promoted aren’t necessarily the same skills that lead to good aid programs. That’s good news, I guess, for young people who want to work in aid. Otherwise it’s depressing to think about.… Read More »

Answering a Question

  While I was on my way to my new home in Baku*, someone left this comment on my blog: Well…., great blog. I appreciate your contribution to the field of I/D. I go to know about this from Chris Blattman’s blog. Just one issue- Why would you charge anyone (students) for career advise, though?… Read More »


              J from Tales from the Hood posted his “why I do this” story recently, and reading it started me thinking why I do this work myself. There’s a lot of twisted up stuff in my explanation – about wanting adventure, and doing what you’re good at, and the… Read More »

Finding a Job in International Development

I talked about this last month, but now that we’re really up and rolling, it’s time for my proper sales pitch. If you are looking for a job in international development, I can help. I’d been advising people on careers in this field for years. Now I am taking that to the next level. I… Read More »

Boring Administrative Notice

Hi, I feel kind of awkward about this. But I’ve been getting a several emails a day asking for career advice. I really like helping, but I do have a day job and it pays by the hour so spending time on this costs me money. And I can’t make them all into blog posts… Read More »