The BAMBAs, part two







Best ICT Blogs

Wait…What? By Linda Raftree makes me understand what ICT has to do with my actual work

ICTworks updates frequently and has a knack for tying current events to ICT4D.

Best Anonymous Blog

Okay, so obviously the best anonymous blog is Tales from The Hood. But since it doesn’t update any more, we’ll have to go with AidSpeak. (Conflict of interest note: theoretically I am a contributor to AidSpeak but I have not yet actually contributed. I’m sorry, J.)

Best Blog to find out what the Millennials think


Best Complexity Blog

Aid on the Edge of Chaos that Ben Ramalingam really knows what he’s talking about

Best former best economics blog in South Sudan

Roving Bandit

Best Institutional Blog

From Poverty to Power

Best Institutional Blog that should update more


Best Blog That’s Finally Updating As Much As We Always Wanted it to / Best Pictures

Aid Thoughts

Best Link Round-Ups

Do No Harm


Best Blog That Has Nothing to Do with Development But Will Make You Better at It Anyway

Sociological Images

Best Rectal Microbicide Blog

IRMA – I admit it’s a small category. But IRMA will keep you up to date on an important issue in HIV prevention