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A number of email subscribers let me know they can’t see the links in new posts. So, for you email folks: sign up for the newsletter at Sorry for the extra email!

I’m so sorry!

I’m just putting this up here to apologize to anyone who still gets email notifications. One of the old user accounts got hacked and posted a bunch of garbage. I’ve deleted all the spam, and the account. I really apologize. For those of you still on the email update list – I don’t blog at… Read More »

New Posts at This World Needs Brave

  I’m not longer updating Blood & Milk, but you may like my writing on international development over at This World Needs Brave. This week I’ve written about climate change jargon, and how to help after Hurricane Matthew. I also have a post coming up later today about Transparency and who it’s really for which… Read More »

new post at This World Needs Brave

Blood and Milk readers, you might like my most recent post at This World Needs Brave, in which I go for a bit about poverty and terrorism.

Facing change

I love this blog and I always will; it’s some of my best work. For a long time I thought I’d start writing here again. I actually reorganized my whole life to give myself time to write. I shifted from full time work to independent consulting and coaching so I wouldn’t have to worry about employer… Read More »

Baku, a Snapshot

Some of you may have noticed I started using all my own pictures in this blog a while ago. I pull them from my Instagram, which is reasonably active. I have found taking pictures helps me think in new ways about the places I live. I always worried that photography would turn me into an… Read More »

All the cool kids have already written about this, but there’s a fun new book out on being an expat. It’s called Expat Etiquette: How to Look Good in Bad Places, and it was written by Michael Bear and Liz Good. They sent me a preview copy, and it’s a short, clever book that’s both… Read More »