Six things I know about medical training

picture of nurses being trained

1.       When you train a doctor, it doesn’t trickle down. It stops, right there, with her. That’s why you need to train nurses and the rest of the clinical team.

2.       If you teach new skills from a book and don’t include hands-on practice, it won’t stick. People will go right back to the old way of doing things.

3.       If you train clinicians and you don’t change the rules that govern their practice, it won’t change their behavior.

4.       Invest in good practice models. Better to break a mannequin than a newborn baby.

5.       Finding – or developing – good trainers isn’t easy, but it is essential. If you don’t make sure local trainers can continue the program after you leave, you are wasting a massive opportunity.

6.       Don’t develop your own training curriculum. Odds are overwhelming that there is already an evidence based curriculum out there that’s been developed by someone else. Spending your time finding, translating, and adapting the curriculum to your local context.


(photo credit: ORBIS UK)