Kevin Dean (full disclosure: he’s my husband) reviews a new social networking site at the Foreign Policy Association Philanthropy blog:

“For everyone who has ever struggled to find the entertainment in sending their friends imaginary cupcakes, there is now Unltdworld.com, a social networking website that aims to bring together socially conscious people and help them benefit their own communities.”

I agree with Kevin that I just don’t get the point of most social networking sites. There’s no there there. I don’t understand what I am supposed to be doing. A site like Unltdworld.com might be able to get beyond that by offering a social object. Something to talk about, at least.

I clicked through the Unltdworld tour, and it seems like your standard-issue social networking deal. I may join, but I am not sure. If I do join, it will be because I am intrigued by the Research Lab feature:

The UnLtdWorld Research Lab is the world’s first dynamic mapping and graphing of social entrepreneurship, and of social and environmental issues. The Research Lab will also operate as an open platform allowing any individual or organisation to access and use the metadata for external projects, and for partners to inform targeted applications that interact with relevant segments of the network, both on UnLtdWorld and beyond.