Doing US assistance better

The Center for Global Development has a new (well, almost a month old now) report out on improving foreign assistance. I am really glad to see so much attention being paid to how to do this kind of assistance. As I may have expressed by now, international development is too important not to think deeply about.

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Girls in the developing world are in trouble

The Center for Global Development (which I worship like an obsessed fangirl, really all I need at this point is to be scribbling “Mrs. Alanna CGD” on my notebooks) has a new publication on girls in the developing world.

From the publication’s description page:

“…girls in developing countries are in trouble. They face systematic disadvantages over a wide range of welfare indicators, including health, education, nutrition, labor force participation, and the burden of household tasks. Because of deprivation and discriminatory cultural norms, many poor girls are forced to marry at very young ages and are extraordinarily vulnerable to HIV, sexual violence, and physical exploitation. Lacking a full range of economic opportunities and devalued because of gender bias, many girls are seen as unworthy of investment or protection by their families.”

Link I like

A truly amazing blog on global health: It’s a group blog, with many contributors, and they are able to really get into the details on global health topics without being so obscure that only a health professional can understand. I learn something every time I read. At present they’ve got a nice post leading on using checklists to improve the quality of health care.