Friday Fear – 22 February 2008

“There is no mechanical linkage from the cockpit of a Boeing 777 to the engines. If the software fails, the engines cannot be controlled.” Think about that. The same high … more Blood & Milk…

Biofuels – bad for everyone

This is too depressing to save for Friday fear. It looks like biofuels aren’t going to do a thing to prevent global warming.

Friday Fear – 8 February 2008

1) Carcinogenic chicken feed additives 2) A global display of terrorism and other suspicious events 3) Indian kidney transplant racket 4) Global recession risk

Friday Fear – 1 February 2008

Friday Fear:Friday fear is a new weekly feature which offers you a list of five or six things to be very, very, afraid of. 1. Internet outage in the Middle … more Blood & Milk…